Pool Cottage Smallholding

Welcome to Pool Cottage Smallholding


The site is about who we are and what we do on our smallholding at Pool Cottage in North Shropshire. We are continually developing the smallholding and diversifying in an environmentally responsible manner, while remaining pragmatic. We would like to be self sufficient just like Tom and Barbara, but true self sufficiency is probably just a dream. However, we keep striving!  More details about our aims can be found on the about us page, and please feel free to look around. Any feedback or genuine enquiries about our smallholding and Pool Cottage activities are most welcome. We introduce just three of the aspects of the smallholding below, but we embrace so much more, so please take time to look at all the other stuff.


Artisan Pixies
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Welcome to the home of the Artisan Pixies, who moved into the Pool Cottage Smallholding just as we retired. The have helped us diversify into Jewellery making, forging (not money!) and wood-turning. Ruth now creates a range of stunning silver jewellery, ranging from elegant necklaces and bangles through to beautiful stone set rings.


Andy is producing hand forged ironmongery including; simple hooks, fire pokers and Celtic iron jewellery. On the lathe he turns locally sourced wood into a plethora of useful objects, such as; bowls, pens, bottle openers and mills.


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Our animals
Pool Cottage Smallholding, Pool Cottage

At Pool Cottage we keep or have kept a range of animals including:


Oxford Sandy & Black pigs

Shropshire sheep

Savastapol geese

Shropshire Blue chickens

Light Sussex chickens

Welsummer chickens

Ross chickens (table birds)

Aylesbury ducks

Buff Orpington ducks

Kharki Campbell ducks

Indian Runner ducks

Retired Greyhounds

Springer Spaniels


The chickens keep both ourselves and our neighbours stocked with eggs as do the ducks through the summer months. The pigs entertain and are used in producing our range of charcuterie. The sheep have given us some wonderful cuts of meat and allowed us to make a range of lamb sausages and burgers. The geese are the guards and the greyhounds take retirement very seriously! Our Springer Spaniel does the rounds with her Dad checking and feeding all the animals.


Pool Cottage Smallholding, Pool Cottage

We love food and drink at Pool Cottage and have continually been experimenting with charcuterie and brewing for a number of years. Our creations include:


Pies and pasties


Bacon (both smoked and un-smoked)

Sausages (so many types)



Salt beef

Smokies (a special garlic sausage).

Smoked salmon

Black pudding

Terrines and pate

Air dried Lonza and Coppa





We built and now run our own smokehouse and mobile smoker to produce all our own smoked products in-house. We also have our own pizza oven, for arguably, the best pizza in Shropshire.