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Artisan Pixies.   Welcome to the home page of the Artisan Pixies. These busy little pixies took up residence at the Pool Cottage Smallholding just as we gave up our full time jobs. As if we didn't have enough to do with the everyday running of the smallholding, they thought it would be good for us to find a hobby, apparently "to stop us getting bored"!


The have helped us diversify into Jewellery making, metal forging and wood-turning. Ruth now creates a range of bespoke silver jewellery, ranging from elegant necklaces and bangles through to beautiful stone set rings. On the lathe, Andy turns wood including apple, pear and greengage from our orchard, into a plethora of useful objects, such as; bowls, pens, bottle openers and mills.


Although we are not producing items to sell as part of a business, we do hope to sell some individual pieces in order to fund the purchase of materials and tools. After all, we really only need a few wooden bowls, pokers and silver rings for ourselves. However, the latter is still being debated! To find out more about the stuff we produce, please click on the links below. The pieces we have for sale can be viewed in the shop section of the site.

From the Bench

Florin Necklace

From the Forge

Hair Grips

From the Lathe

Fountain Pen
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