Bespoke farm buildings

We started designing bespoke farm buildings at Pool Cottage a few years ago. The first was a bit of a folly really in the shape of a gypsy caravan chicken house. We had seen one of these advertised in the Country Smallholders magazine for £3800+VAT!!! So, we wanted to test our theory that we could build one just as good but much cheaper. After purchasing the wheels from a reclaimation yard, we set about the design and build, and the result can be seen opposite. 



We decided however, that the gypsy caravan was a bit too posh for our girls and set about designing different and practical housing for the smallholding. The first requirement was for a pig arc for our new weaners and this was soon constructed using heavy duty floor and beams, 18mm external ply and a curved corrugated galvanised sheet. The new piggies were delighted. Shortly after we were commissioned to build a replica for one of our neighbours, and so the bespoke farms buildings division of Pool Cottage Smallholding was born!



Around the same time as the gypsy caravan was built, we also created a new bespoke farm building in the form of a smokehouse, which has seen regular use ever since. It uses a converted gas cylinder as the smoke generator, the smoke passing into a smoke chamber at the base of the house. Diffuser holes then distribute the smoke into the main smoking area. The flow of the smoke can be controlled using a damper system in the chimney.



Since our first sale we have designed and produced a number of chicken, duck, quail and goose houses, leading to bigger and bigger buildings, including a range of field shelters. The first of the field shelters was a 12ft x 10ft and designed to be used for alpacas. The next design was a 16ft x 8 ft combined workshop and shelter. this was fitted out with workbench and solar powered 12v electric lighting and power sockets.



One of our largest projects was the design of a pair of sectional field shelters. These were 16ft x 10ft had to be transported to Redborne School in Ampthill, Bedfordshire. The shelters are constructed using 3"x 2" framing and 20mm shiplap boarding and they are set on wooden skids, fitted with tow brackets to allow movement on site, as required. The picture shows the shelters in place with a very happy school farm manager.

Whilst the field shelters were perhaps the largest we had built, Nelly the multi-functional prep room, was by far the most complex and time consuming, but also the most rewarding. Click on the link "Nelly" to find out more.

If you would like more information on our bespoke farm buildings, please contact us using the enquiry form on the contacts page.

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