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We don't wish to run a full time business selling our creations, but occasionally we do intend to sell some of our wares. Rather than set up a full blown Etsy type site, we intend to put up pictures on this page to show what we are selling. These will be individual one off items which you can buy. Once an item is sold we will mark it as sold but if you really fell in love with something, let us know and we can try to recreate it, be it a piece of Ruth's jewellery or a pen from the lathe.

If you click on something you fancy it will open up to give a description. If you wish to purchase it, please use the contact form, giving your details and the item number. We will get back to you with the details of the options on how to pay.

Pen Set

Pen Set

This matching set is turned from spalted beech and consists of a Fountain pen and roller ball pen. The fountain pen incorporates a quality German made nib, whilst the roller ball utilises a Parker style refill.

Item 001



Coin Bottle Stopper.jpg

Coin Bottle Stopper

This bottle stopper is turned from spalted birch and is inset with a 1951 silver sixpence.

Item 002