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As you can see we've included a few of the items created by the Artisan Pixies here at the Pool Cottage Smallholding. There's still a long way to go before we're ready to sell anything, but watch this space.
If there is anything you see that you really must have right NOW, please use the contact page to get in touch and we'll see if the Pixies will help.
Magazine and books

There a number of magazines that we like here at Pool Cottage! But when it comes to smallholding, we particularly like the couple listed below. You can visit their websites by clicking on the links below:


Home Farmer Magazine


Country Smallholding Magazine


To see more pictures of the things we do at Pool Cottage please click on the image below:

Pool Cottage Smallholding, Pool Cottage
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Charcuterie Supplies

ExcelClad Roofing

Tartan Dragon's Smallholding Courses
Tartan Dragon

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You can get in touch with us here at Pool Cottage by going to the contacts page

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