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Crockett and Tubbs Arrive at Pool Cottage

Last year we had 2 OSB/Large White cross pigs called Jake and Elwood. They were great fun and ultimately produced some epic meat which we are still enjoying. So

now the warmer weather is upon us, we wanted to have the joy of new little piglets running around the smallholding. We contacted Springhill Farm, who are our regular supplier of weaners, and we settled upon 2 more of the same mix. The deal was done and Crockett and Tubbs, were on their way to their new home at Pool Cottage.

They have settled in well and are having big adventures to explore and truffle far and wide, to boldly go where no piglet has gone before. However, they soon come running at the sound of a pig nut being dropped into their trough! These little piggies certainly go; "wee wee wee all the way home".

Couldn't you just squeeze their little piggy hams and we bet those faces will bring a smile on the darkest of days.

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