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Winter comes to Pool Cottage

The weekend of 9 - 10 December saw our worst snowfall in many years, we woke at first light to heavy drifts making it difficult to get to our animals, but they still need food and water even if we wanted to huddle down in front of the fire and TV!

Extra rations for the geese, ducks and chickens was followed by attempts to crack the ice on the duck pond. We managed to break a small area for them to wash and play, luckily it didn't freeze back over during the day trapping 9 duck bums in the ice!

The sheep had Santa faces where they had been rummaging in the snow for any grass they could find. We broke out our hay reserves and are currently feeding them as much as they can eat. We also ensured that there was a good supply of water, feed and bedding in the field shelter for them, have they used it... Nope.

Fresh water has been a problem as we had to isolate the mains water to prevent a burst pipe situation and our backup IBC was frozen at the tap. We are now transporting water from the house to the field.

All in all a busy weekend on the smallholding, yet somehow satisfying.

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